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Faculty of Payame Noor


Man's behavior is subject to the moral foundations within him. Accordingly, every material and spiritual phenomenon on this scale must be analyzed and evaluated. Today, with the increasing growth of the field of law in different societies, we are witnessing small and large differences in Islamic and Western human rights, which studies show that due to differences in the moral foundations that govern them, the legal products of these two schools. It is different. The West, through the media, has always targeted Islamic law and considered it contrary to human ethics, while the study of the moral foundations governing Islamic and Western human rights shows the opposite. It seeks to study these moral foundations in a descriptive-analytical way and has finally come to the conclusion that Western human rights in various moral fields provide material interpretations of man and existence and give man an exclusive place in creation and others. Existing rights in the universe, including other creatures and semantic aspects of creation, including religion, the hereafter, etc., under the control and will of man, unlike Islamic human rights, which subject human rights to attention and a true view of man and the universe. Has explained.